Tweet-a-Sale was built from the ground-up to be “Twitter-friendly.” We allow you to create a very realistic Twitter experience by allowing hundreds, even thousands of Join Tweets and Sales Tweets if you want.

Now you have loyal followers who automatically encourage their friends and followers on Twitter to leap over and follow you as well.

That’s right—you can create as many Join Tweets (for followers) and Sales Tweets (for followers who buy any of your products) as you want.

Tweet-a-Sale offers you true word-of-mouth viral referrals directly to your offer page…and it increases exponentially for every Follower who decides to join you.

Can You Say “Word-of-Mouth On Steroids”?

Today you can get a 30-day Risk-Free (guaranteed money-back) fully functional Trial of Tweet-a-Sale for a one-time payment of only $4.95!!

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