There has been a lot of buzz recently about Charles Heflin’s The Master Plan. and in my opinion it is totally justified.

The Master Plan (TMP) not only includes a smorgasbord of non-spammy techniques but discusses the ins and outs of such topics as Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI), expert verbiage, theming, tag and ping and other hot SEO topics.

The Master PlanThe general premise of The Master Plan and the introductory publication The Plan is that websites need to be structured in such a way that the search engine spiders can easily determine the theme and structure of the site. If the search engines are clear on what your site is about and how it is structured then your chances of ranking higher are increased.

The Master Plan also lays out a clear path to building and structuring your sites. It includes chapters on niche market research, keyword research, silo structure, linking, article and directory submissions, outsourcing and blogging. In essence, all the relevant issues for creating high-ranking, income generating, high quality sites are covered in The Master Plan.

TMP is written for all levels of website owners and internet marketers. Both the newbie and the experienced
person will find much to absorb in this 195 page document. The general comment from most people (judging by forum comments in the private TMP forum) is that this is probably the clearest revelation on how to create high-traffic monetized sites. Charles holds nothing back. It is in fact a plan with daily
schedules, associated spreadsheets, recommended tools for tracking your progress and detailed instructions on exactly what to do.

There are very specific directions on how to structure your websites based on your keywords (as well as
detailed directions on how to find a niche and then the associated relevant keywords), then submitting to directories (with specific schedules on how often and to how many), then monetizing your site, writing articles to promote your site and how to write the articles, etc, etc. You have to know: THIS IS NOT A DOCUMENT TO READ BUT A PLAN TO IMPLEMENT!

You will feel that Charles Heflin is sitting in your office instructing you every step of the way. He will tell you which tools he recommends for building your site and doing keyword research. He will provide you in-depth
examples of how to use keywords, he will provide illustrations of sample sites he built with every step intimately detailed, he will provide a schedule for you to adhere to to assist you in building and then promoting your sites, he will provide you lists of directories to submit your sites to, he will provide you scripts to hide your affiliate links and to protect your web pages from being copied, he will provide you with
details on how to write content and then spin it into multiple articles, he will provide in-depth details on tagging and pinging and lastly he is very active in the private members forum for TMP members.

The Master Plan sells for $97 and in my opinion you really can’t go wrong. If you are a beginner you will have a recipe book for creating relevant sites that rank well and generate revenue. If you are an experienced marketer you will still probably learn a number of new concepts about theming, silos, LSI and other new SEO topics. Here is the link to The Master Plan Sales Page.


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