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Building a WordPress Blog People Want to Read

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Having your own blog isn't just for the nerdy anymore. Today, it seems everyone—from multinational corporations to a neighbor up the street—has a blog. They all have one, in part, because the folks at WordPress make it easy to get one. but to actually build a good blog—to create a blog people want to read—takes thought, planning, and some e[Read More]

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The 118 Most Useful Plugins for Your WordPress Blog is a no-nonsense breakdown of over one hundred different ways to increase the power and effectiveness of your blog using absolutely free additions to the already-amazing platform. With it, you can:- Distinguish your blog and stand out from the crowd of similar, "basic" WordPress blogs. - Power you[Read More]

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How to Theme WordPress: From Blank to Beautiful in 2 Hours Whether you are learning how to theme WordPress for your own use, or to offer your theme design services for hire, or to even build a brand of WordPress themes to distribute to the masses, this DVD shows you how to get started theming the popular WordPress and to get results quickly. [Read More]

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Well known internet marketer Andrew Hansen has just released a 6 part video series. The series is about how to achieve perfect on page search optimization for all the content you ever write for your wordpress blog.

If you have been blogging for awhile some of this may be familiar but if you are new or have not done much to tweak WordPress then you will probably find a lot to interest you. Certainly worth checking out: http://andrewhansen.name/wordpress/achieving-perfect-wordpress-seo-video-series/

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