Marketing with articles has been with us since newspapers and magazines have existed. Using articles for promotion in the local media for example began when a local business was looking to get visitors to their business. They would write an interesting article and submit it to a newspaper,the newspaper publishing it with all the business contact details.A company could put together an article about the ‘ 5 secrets about filing your taxes’ weeks before it’s tax time. This will more than likely bring an increase of business.

Although many businesses still use news articles in  their local newspaper, many businesses are also going to the internet. Marketing with articles is becoming more and more popular on the net due to the fact it costs nothing and it’s relatively simple to compose an article. It’s also a speedy method of getting your information out with many people seeing it almost immediately. Many people will go to Hubpages or Squidoo type sites,or article directories to get their content seen.The exposure that these kind of sites offer has upped the marketing with articles to higher levels.

Article marketing has proven to be very effective and useful for many internet marketers. By using proper search engine optimization (SEO) planning on your content, focusing on a few keywords or phrases, articles can quickly gain sood rankings in the top search engines. The better the web page the article is on is positioned,the more folk will read it and visit your own website. Companies that use article marketing in this way see a build up of traffic and more sales.

A problem nowadays though is plagiarism and unreadble copy. Because of the growing use of marketing with articles,there are a lot of very similar articles being published,the content of which is unreadable.Some unscrupulous writers will just copy something they like and post it. It is becoming a big problem and many sites that previously were happy to use other people’s content are clamping down on it. They are starting to use software that will detect a plagiarized article and if found will be rejected.

Marketing with articles is is relatively easy pick up. A popular method is to write as if you were writing a note to a friend. Above all though, is to only put out original and fresh articles. Writing great articles will generate traffic and revenue for your business.If you think that you’re a bad writer, or just don’t have the time, you can always hire a writer from one of the many webmaster forums.

Most importantly remember to always include about the author box, with specific information as to how to contact you or your website. When you put an informative or useful article on the net,it will continually draw  visitors to your website and steadily build up your standing and presence on the internet.

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