Google are going to try to improve searches by using a new algorithm which they have named Caffeine. Released on June 8th, Caffeine promises to deliver faster searches and improved quality. Those who use SEO to promote their websites might feel a little concerned by a change like this. So how will Google Caffeine affect SEO? Is the drawing board going to be calling us all back?


Well, so far so good. Google Caffeine has now been up and running for over a week and there has been no real noticeable change as to how things are appearing in search engines. There haven’t been any stories about people who were at the top of the search engines, suddenly disappearing off the page. So even though Google Caffeine may yet have an impact on SEO it does not look like there is going to be any immediate changes or problems.


The main aim of Google and why they have always been so successful is because they have always been able to provide quality content for those searching for particular items in their search engines and they are continually trying to make changes to ensure this happens. And they could be knocked off their perch by a different search engine if they fail to keep on top of this. So that is why we should really be aware that our websites should pay more attention to the quality rather than the SEO if we want them to be successful in Google. Although this change has not had any immediate impact, it is obvious that future success of websites on the internet will depend on the quality they can provide to the visitor. So by making sure that we focus on pleasing the visitor instead of the search engine web crawlers, we really can’t go wrong.


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