The need to improve search engine optimization (SEO) is a fact of internet life. If you aren’t rating then it is hard to get business. Today many firms are considering whether to outsource SEO solutions or to maintain these skills in house. As with any decision there are pros and cons to both options.

If you decide to outsource SEO it will obviously cost you money in consultancy fees. However there is a hidden cost of maintaining an in-house resource – opportunity costs as it is called by economists. Effectively if you or your IT person is focussing on SEO work then you are not able to use this time for other work.

Providing the SEO expertise from inside your firm will give you the benefit of that person understanding the company culture and its desired future direction. If this is outsourced there is an investment of time needed to brief the consultant on company information and jargon as well as needing to understand the website structure.

One of the big benefits of using an external SEO expert is that they have a specialized knowledge. You might be able to learn these in house but it will require an investment of time and money. Probably you are keen for results now rather than in six months time. These specialists also have their finger on the search industry pulse and will know what works and what doesn’t without too much need to experiment.

Outsourced SEO firms will have a variety of people to apply to any project. Their staff may even have personal specializations such as link building or content tweaking. Employing them will allow you to tap into the expertise of a library of people. That really can’t be matched in-house.

One of the added benefits of using the SEO consulting firm is that your staff may get an understanding of what the consultant has done and be able to use that in the future. They will be able to watch the website for tweaks and perhaps add value to future website content or direction.

As you can see with both options there are definite advantages and disadvantages. The best advice when considering this issue is to do some simple cost benefit analysis. Calculate what it would cost you internally for time, materials, education and compare it to what hiring a consultancy firm for a set period would cost. If your SEO works well you are likely to want to have the firm advise in the future, but those ongoing fees would still have a corresponding cost internal cost to be matched off against.

Managing SEO is a major undertaking if you want to do it right and get noticeable results. Of course you can do it yourself, but is it worth the time and effort and can you do an effective enough job yourself? Maybe you would like to explore the idea of what an outsource SEO consultant can do for you a little further. Accentu8 would be happy to answer any queries you have. Please email them and they will gladly give you a starter free website SEO analysis.

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