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Marketing with articles has been with us since newspapers and magazines have existed. Using articles for promotion in the local media for example began when a local business was looking to get visitors to their business. They would write an interesting article and submit it to a newspaper,the newspaper publishing it with all the business contact details.A company could put together an article about the ‘ 5 secrets about filing your taxes’ weeks before it’s tax time. This will more than likely bring an increase of business.

Although many businesses still use news articles in  their local newspaper, many businesses are also going to the internet. Marketing with articles is becoming more and more popular on the net due to the fact it costs nothing and it’s relatively simple to compose an article. It’s also a speedy method of getting your information out with many people seeing it almost immediately. Many people will go to Hubpages or Squidoo type sites,or article directories to get their content seen.The exposure that these kind of sites offer has upped the marketing with articles to higher levels.

Article marketing has proven to be very effective and useful for many internet marketers. By using proper search engine optimization (SEO) planning on your content, focusing on a few keywords or phrases, articles can quickly gain sood rankings in the top search engines. The better the web page the article is on is positioned,the more folk will read it and visit your own website. Companies that use article marketing in this way see a build up of traffic and more sales.

A problem nowadays though is plagiarism and unreadble copy. Because of the growing use of marketing with articles,there are a lot of very similar articles being published,the content of which is unreadable.Some unscrupulous writers will just copy something they like and post it. It is becoming a big problem and many sites that previously were happy to use other people’s content are clamping down on it. They are starting to use software that will detect a plagiarized article and if found will be rejected.

Marketing with articles is is relatively easy pick up. A popular method is to write as if you were writing a note to a friend. Above all though, is to only put out original and fresh articles. Writing great articles will generate traffic and revenue for your business.If you think that you’re a bad writer, or just don’t have the time, you can always hire a writer from one of the many webmaster forums.

Most importantly remember to always include about the author box, with specific information as to how to contact you or your website. When you put an informative or useful article on the net,it will continually draw  visitors to your website and steadily build up your standing and presence on the internet.

Article Writing made easy, with this easy to use article writing software aid. Plus, why not turn your article in to a video with this easy low cost text to video software.

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You may have signed up with a particular webhost when you initially began setting up your first website. You may be happy with the service you have been receiving or you may have decided that you would like to switch to another web hosting provider. This quite often is the case but many people do not go ahead because they fear that it could be more hassle than it is worth.


However this does not have to be the case. Knowing how to switch from one web host to another will ensure that it does not have to be such a hardship. The very first thing that is necessary before you make any plans for a switch is to ensure that you get a complete back up of every file that your web host is holding on the server. If you notify a web host of your intention to switch to another provider, don’t be surprised to find that all your files get deleted from their server before you have a chance to do anything about it. So before you let anyone know that you are intending to switch web hosts, you must do that backup.


If you want a totally stress free switch then make sure your new and old web hosts are compatible. That way the transition will be smoother for all involved. It is also very important that you do your research before choosing your new provider. Or you could end up just swapping one bad service for another.


Changing where your domain name points is an equally important job which you must do. You do not want your domain name pointing to the server of your previous web host. Before you switch you should find out where your domain has been registered and where it points to. By being prepared and taking steps before you switch, it may not be such a difficult process.


When you decide to go into internet marketing, you should make sure that you have web hosting UK sorted out. The web hosting world can be a confusing one though for a newbie. For instance, you could findreseller web hosting or even linux web hosting when you are looking at different hosting plans.

Online games are a great way to pass time when you’re bored. Play these addicting flash games from work or school at any time. There is a huge variety of games available for play on the internet:

Addicting Flash Games – All of these games can be played straight from your browser. When you’re at school and want to play a quick game, free flash games are the way to play online. Many arcade games are getting very popular since they allow for a quick fun play. Individuals looking for an escape from the harsh reality of work or school will play free online games.

Well-liked Game genres – The shooter genre is very popular with free online flash games. These shooter games can be played in either ‘turn based’, ‘real-time’, or even multiplayer modes. Shooter games allow you to play in the character of a fictional person where you can engage in heated battles with your opponents in the game. The object is to stay whilst eliminating all other players. These games usually have multiple action filled stages, which get progressively more challenging throughout the game.

Other flash game genres include board games, casino and card games, sports games, and puzzle games.

In Bloxorz, Free Online Flash Game, The aim of the game is to get the block to fall into the square hole at the end of each stage. Be careful no to fall of the edges because the level with restart if this happens.


Move – Arrow Keys

Flash Online Flash Games are a wonderful way to have fun at any time, from any place, and in any situation. Even from work!

Did you ever notice that getting a site noticed by Google reminds you of when you first started dating and all the things you had to remember about first impressions? Here’s the scoep from an Austin SEO Company –  when you think about it, SEO is like dating etiquette guidelines for how your website stands a better chance of getting noticed by Google and the other search engines.

Let’s face it – we want Google to marry our websites and yet Google wants to date us and practically everyone else on the face of the internet. So it’s up to us to know how to best grab Google’s attention and keep it.


Hygiene is crucial, just like in the offline world. While we can’t actually give our website a shower or teach it to shave or cut its hair to look nice, there is such as thing as digital hygiene.

– You want every thing you talk about on your site to stand a chance for positive organic search engine results.

– Code your site to quickly pop up when it first loads onto a browser. First impressions mean a lot even in the Google bot world. If your site takes too long to load for Google, they aren’t going to let you near their customers. How long would you wait for a site to load? Use that as a guide for your own site.

– Make sure you don’t have HTML errors – these errors aren’t going to be visual errors necessarily, but they can be seen by Google. You can run your site through an HTML checker to find if you have any and where they are. You can even Google for the term “html checker” and find several to test.

– Make sure your links are working. Google does not like links that don’t work and it can see them even if you can’t.

Be Friendly

Make it easy for Google to see your site. If you’re doing a lot of flash development on your site – especially the first page – there’s nothing for the search engines to read. They need words. So if you neglect this point expect Google to not give you the time of day No matter how pretty you are, Google can’t see you without words.

Be Yourself

Like in real life, if you are being yourself you may not have a million friends but the ones you have will really be your friends.

What do I mean about being yourself? Well it means knowing what your website is really about and using that information to your benefit.Know your keywords – don’t try to make every page or the home page of your site reveal the entire function of your life, site or business. You need to think in terms of one maybe two terms a page and optimize your page and its content for that keyword.

Focus on adding pages or posts and then optimize those for that one search term.

Google LOVES the clarity and simplicity of that. If you use so many terms on a single page Google thinks the first one is the most important but when it sees the second one it adds a little weight onto that one and same thing to the next one. Pretty soon NONE of your keywords has adequate weight for Google to “take you to met the parents” on Page 1.

Your Friends

At some point when you’ve been dating long enough, you might acquaint your friends to your date. Google sees links from other websites to your site as “friends” of your website.

Much like you did in your early dating, if you introduce your friends to a new date too soon, it often has a negative result on the relationship. When it comes to Google if you were to suddenly have 1000’s of links to your brand new site, Google would be highly suspicious. So if you’ve been around for a long time Google is comfortable and that makes sense to Google and you won’t spook anyone. But if you’re brand new and you appear to be the man of the hour without any previous introduction?Not likely unless you were doing something on purpose to make your site appear more popular than it could be And then Google will stop returning your calls and putting your site further back in the search results.

What’s interesting about Google is that it actually cares about the quality of those other sites. Google wants you to have friends because it means they aren’t your only connection to the outside world. Google can relax a little – that you’re not just dating Google for the rankings.

Find out who Google thinks are the cool people and go hang out with them.

Google loves active social sites – its a bit like dating a high maintenance date – they want you to look good to them at all times and go dancing every night.

You or rather your website needs to stay in shape, be interesting, be its own person and know that if you’re cheating, Google will dump you on the dance floor.

Given the increase in the number of scams, people have started to speak of legitimate work at home jobs as opposed to illegitimate jobs. The Internet abounds in such schemes that prove more or less difficult to recognize and avoid. Retirees, students, stay home momsand many unemployed people are in search of legitimate work at home jobs, and they are also the scammers’ target.

There are positions in data entry, IT, translations, typing, web design and lots of others that could offer them a great chance to make money. Consider the following scam example which has become typical for online fraudulent activities. Lots of scammers contact you by email, sending you some elaborate message and evasively referring to some great business deal they want to tell you about. Then, they provide either an email address or a phone number where you can contact them. Answering such emails is a huge mistake. You’ll risk identity or data theft, a huge phone bill and who knows what else. Delete such spam messages after reporting them!

You should not pay for the access to legitimate work at home jobs. If you want some form of job filtering, you can turn to a work at home job agency, but be prepared to pay for the service. Even so, don’t leave caution aside. Greed may temporarily blind you and ads could manipulate you into acting irrationally. This often happens to many people who choose to pay for the magic solution that would make them rich overnight. Frauds could be more easily exposed if our mind would be easily impressed by some psychologically manipulative strategy. If advertisements tell you of ‘incredible wealth’, ‘thousands of dollars’, the ‘best kept secret in the industry’ and lots of others, then you should take these as an alarm bell. In fact, they are trying to pull some psychological strings exploiting your weakness.

People are so eager to make money quickly! They usually aim at a care-free life! They feel like corporations are plotting against the consumer and that’s why they take all the money! There are lots of other examples that show how scam victims think. It is on such weakness that people get duped. Legitimate work at home jobs will always emphasize education, certification, expertise and personal skills. Don’t create false hopes by counting on good luck and charm!

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