FormulaFIVE – Beat the Odds

62% of you are going out of business

That’s a REAL statistic from the Small Business Association. 62.8% (to be exact) of businesses will fail.

Kind of depressing.  Vegas has better odds.

All business owners should click here to watch this video right now.

That’s from Andy Jenkins and the StomperNet guys, and he’s doing a little math.  WHAT?!  Math!?  I know, but all you have to do is pay attention.

Even in this recession, some businesses are going to step up and grow. They’re going to expand their customer bases AND increase profits.

How are they going to do it?

Simple – watch the video.  They are going to follow a PROVEN Formula for success.  This formula has been honed over 15 years by Paul Lemberg, one of the most respected (and expensive) business consultants around.  But you get his expertise today for FREE.  And get this…

It works on 93% of ALL businesses that try it.

Go watch this video right now.  You won’t regret it.

Once you do, odds are the rest of your 2009 will be looking VERY good.

Seriously, with just this video, you’ll be taking pages of notes and can actually start making more money TODAY.

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StomperNet is having their 8th LIVE Event on August 7-9 in Atlanta, and they are inviting a LIMITED NUMBER of non-members to their ELITE members-only event…DO NOT “think it over” too long.  This is an ELITE EVENT, and even at DOUBLE the price, these seats will sell out fast.

Only a few members of the public have ever been allowed into their closed- door lectures, workshops, roundtables, and reviews.

Now it’s YOUR chance to be a StomperElite for a whole weekend!

You can claim your ticket by clicking here.

Keynotes by Jeff Johnson, Russell Brunson, Don Crowther, Brad Fallon (so far)… Plus ALL the rest of the experts in the StomperNet Faculty…

They’ve kept their top-secret events private for a reason – to keep the quality of the event ASTRONOMICALLY high.

That’s why some of the StomperNet elite have attended EVERY event (All Seven!) in the past 3 years.  This is your chance to join StomperNet in Atlanta for LIVE 8!

You can claim your ticket by clicking here.

Why do Stompers go to LIVE over and over?

Because it PAYS:

    * Hands-on face time with StomperNet’s World-Class expert faculty, including no-holds-barred roundtable discussions,
    brutally honest “tough love” site reviews, and heck, even dinner and drinks!

    “I implemented the one small change Jerry West recommended and I was at the top of the local SERPs in less than 48

    There’s no “Guru Wall” at StomperNet LIVE – The Faculty are there to help YOU, no matter what it is you need help

    * Networking opportunities with some of the most successful online business owners in the world.  A StomperNet education
    has made over 100 people millionaires – and at an SN LIVE event, these people are your peers.

    “I’ve made more money this year in JVs that started at LIVE than I have doing anything else…”

    Remember, these events are NOT for people coming in off the street – when you look to your left or right, chances are
    any old Joe Attendee you see has *forgotten* more about internet marketing than most newbies can imagine.

StomperNet LIVE is NOT:

    * NOT a pitch-fest – they don’t allow the “pitching from the stage” you see at other events.  

    * NOT a lecture-fest – there are keynote speakers, sure –  but the main focus is hands-on workshops and discussions
    WITH the experts.
    It’s not just “sit, listen for an hour, 5 minutes of Q&A”.  


Go to this page now and see the roster of speakers and sessions over the FULL 3 days (with more being added):

   You can claim your ticket by clicking here.

See why even in a down economy, StomperNet’s members are fearless AND successful… and hungry for MORE!

And remember, you shouldn’t “wait until next time” –  StomperNet may very well NEVER offer LIVE tickets to non-members again.  This could be a once in a lifetime shot:

 You can claim your ticket by clicking here.

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FTC plans to monitor affiliate blogs

The FTC is currently discussing plans to monitor websites and blogs that recommend or promote products. It seems that even a link to an Amazon book could be reason for investigation.

New guidelines, expected to be approved late summer 2009 with possible modifications, would clarify that the agency can go after bloggers — as well as the companies that compensate them — for any false claims or failure to disclose conflicts of interest.

Although, it makes sense that there should be some regulation as to how affiliate marketers promote their products, it seems somewhat draconian to simply go after anyone with an affiliate link on their site. In any case, I wonder how they are actually thinking that they can police the entire affiliate industry.

Here’s where you can get the actual FTC report:

And you can read a report by the Associate Press here:

CPA Ninja – Check this out now!

CPA Ninja … You’ll want to check this out while you can . . .

Visit CPA Ninja Now!

It’s a new video my good friend Marty Rozmanith (the guy behind WordPress Direct . . . though that’s NOT what this is about) just posted . . .

And it shows the *shocking* story of how one of Marty’s students (a corporate refugee with *NO* previous internet marketing experience) is *raking in* $25,000 A MONTH using nothing but sneaky “automatic” websites . . .

And here’s the *weird* part . . . this guy is making all this moolah . . .

  • Without a product . . .
  • Without a list . . .
  • Without paying out the nose for traffic (this is some of the sneakiest “Google Seducing” stuff I’ve seen) . . .
  • And without doing much in the way of “work” at all . . .

You should check out the video . . . It’s short, but there’s a LOT of content there and you’ll get a lot out of it.

By the way, no opt in . . . no ritual chanting . . . no giving up your first born child or anything like that required. Just go over to CPA Ninja  and you can watch the whole video for free.


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Gauher Chaudry CPA Marketing Master

Gauher Chaudry is the man, when it comes to learning about CPA marketing. A few years back he created the ultimate CPA course called "Pay Per Click Formula". PPCF 2.0 will be released soon.

 In case you don’t know, CPA marketing refers to sending visitors to online offers, like "Enter your zip code and receive a free car insurance quote". You have probably seen many of these before.

If you know what you are doing, CPA marketing can be very lucrative. But it is not as easy as some would like you to believe.

Isn’t it funny how the people that say it is easy are usually trying to sell you a book on how to do it?

Anyway, Gauher has just posted a free 89 page book that rivals what a lot of people are charging big money for. I don’t know how long he will leave it up, so grab it now.

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