Here is a list of tools and services that we recommend for the beginning and experienced internet marketer. This page is a work in progress and continually changes as we find new products to recommend. Come back often to see what is new.

Website Hosting

If you have a website or blog that you want total control of, then you need website hosting.

Issues like the amount of disc space and bandwidth are not much of a consideration these days as most hosts provide plenty for the average website. Most websites are actually quite small so you usually don’t need a great deal of disc space.

The area that concerns me more is the number of domains that can be hosted in your account. For the most part, I would recommend that you get a host that allows you unlimited domains. This means that you can host as many unique websites as you want on your account. This is great if you have many websites and also if you want to just put up a site and test it out. My favourite host is HostGator.

I have had very good experience with HostGator. They offer:

# Unlimited Disk Space
# Unlimited Bandwidth
# Unlimited Websites
# Unlimited Databases

Hostgator support has been excellent in my experience.

Keyword Tools

If you want to be found at all on the search engines, it is imperative that you know how to find and use keywords. It is the keywords on your web and blog pages and in your articles that tell the search engine what your page is about. It is an absolute must that you have some way of finding well-searched keywords that don’t have a lot of competition.

Free Keyword Tools

Google Keyword Tool

You might as well get it directly from Google. This is probably about you’ll need to get yourself started.

Wordtracker free keyword suggestion tool

Wordtracker GTrends

These two sites by Wordtracker offer a free way to search keywords. GTrends is more thorough in that it not only provides you with search volumes but also with the number of competing websites. GTrends was developed for the Thirty Day Challenge folks.

Paid Keyword Tools

Keyword Elite – Keyword elite is software tool that runs on your desktop. It has been available for a few years and recently Version 2 was released. Many marketers feel that Keyword Elite is probably the most powerful desktop keyword tool available at a reasonable price.

Market Samurai – Although Market Samurai is a keyword tool, it is also a lot more. It’s actually more like a swiss army knife of Internet Marketing. You can start with a free demo version.

Blogging Tools

Add Ebay Auctions to your Blog – phpBay Pro is a plugin for WordPress. It is very simple to use and instantly adds a eBay store to your blog. It’s extremely easy to use and has proven to be very profitable. See and example here:

ReviewAZON – This is a great plugin if you promote Amazon. any of the book reviews that you see on this site are powered by ReviewAZON. Here’s an example: WordPress for Dummies.

FlexSqueeze – My favourite WordPress template. This is the template that is used for this site. This is an incredibly flexible theme and also has built in squeeze pages. There is a free version called Flexibility. You should definitely check this out.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Tools

SpeedPPC – This is an advanced tool for creating Adword campaigns. Don’t even consider purchasing SpeedPPC if you are an in-experienced Adwords user. But, if you are interested in, for example, creating hundreds of ad groups each pointing to a unique page (product) that has been created from a datafeed, and finihsing off in under 15 minutes, then this is for you. The video below basically explains it all:

Check out SpeedPPC now.

SpeedPPC - PPC Marketing at Warp Speed